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Concrete Grinding - Tile Removers Newcastle, NSW

Concrete grinding is a process that uses high pressure to remove old and damaged surfaces from concrete, tiles, masonry, pavers and stone. We use large diamond cutting discs capable of grinding down to a high standard. Tile Removal Newcastle are experts in Newcastle when it comes to concrete grinding. Our services include concrete grinding, wall removal, floor removal, sealing and more. Concrete floor grinding is a cost-effective way to restore concrete floors in commercial, industrial and retail environments. Our services are available throughout Newcastle and its environs.

What are the benefits of concrete grinding?

Concrete grinding offers many benefits over other forms of concrete removals, such as pressure washing or scarifying. Here are some examples:

  • Doesn’t damage concrete or brick pavers when removing them for later disposal. This means that you can lift and remove old pavers without having to take them down.
  • Concrete grinding is a much safer process as there is no high-pressure water blasting away at your concrete, brick pavers or tiles.
  • It is more time-efficient when removing old surfaces for later disposal. There are no water drains to unblock, and this will save you time and money in the long run.
  • Concrete grinding provides a higher quality finish. This is because you don’t have to dig out 70mm deep base courses, which are often full of debris when removing pavers manually with a pick and shovel.
  • Another advantage of concrete grinding is the environmental impact of the process. Concrete grinding is far more environmentally friendly than traditional demolition, as there is no need to generate dust and debris from a site.

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    Concrete grinding being done on a floor

    Is it expensive to hire a concrete grinding contractor?

    Yes and no. It depends on how much grinding needs to be done and the size of the area. When you use our services, we will give you an all-inclusive quote that is affordable and transparent. We also offer discounts for large projects. At Tile Removal Newcastle we are experts in all aspects of concrete grinding for commercial and domestic projects. We are able to grind the surface of any size or shape, which means you will get value for your money. All our work is carried out by professionals who have years of experience under their belt. Call us today!

    Concrete grinding in progress

    Why choose us for your project?

    Most homeowners and commercial property owners prefer to have a contractor do the concrete grinding for them. This is not because they don’t want to get their hands dirty, but rather it’s because this type of work can be hazardous and needs specialized equipment. At Tile Removal Newcastle, we specialize in concrete grinding and will gladly come to your premises and grind the floor or wall for you. We have the right equipment, technicians and experience to get the job done properly. We offer our services to the people around Newcastle and its surroundings. We are a team of experienced technicians with years of experience in grinding concrete floors and walls. Concrete grinding with us, you can be sure that your concrete will not only look great but also ensure long-lasting protection against all kinds of potential damages such as dusting or scuffing. Reach out to us today!

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