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Slate Flooring Removal by Tile Removal Newcastle

Here at Tile Removal Newcastle, we are the experts when it comes to removing slate flooring. We have been helping people to remove this type of flooring for many years, and we are often called in when there is no other option but removal. Slate can be a challenging type of flooring to deal with as it is quite large in size, extremely heavy and held down with substantial fixings. Removal can be very tiresome and can be very costly if it is not done properly.
Although we do other types of flooring removal, we will concentrate on slate removal for this article. Slate is a type of rock that, when formed into tiles, can be used as the finest floors or wall cladding in any home; however, sometimes it needs to be removed due to renovations etc. Once the slate has been laid accurately and adequately, there are no gaps between the tiles. At Tile removal Newcastle, we can effectively remove most slate floorings with minimal damage and affordable charges.

How much does it cost to remove slate flooring?

Removing slate flooring can be very costly as compared to other types of floorings. But still, our contractors can’t quote the charges until they visit the site to determine the load of work that needs to be done. If you have been quoted a high price for removing your slate flooring, then we can offer you the best solution. Contact Tile Removal Newcastle to see how much of a reduction in costs we can provide on our services. Our charges are the best, and no hidden cost will be charged over and above the actual price we mention on site. So you need not worry about the hidden cost. We provide free quotations. Once we give you the quotation, we shall not charge you extra money.


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    What do I need to know before removing Slate Flooring?

    If you are not professional or unsure whether your slate flooring contains asbestos, contact a specialist in Asbestos removal. They will be able to test the slates for any trace of asbestos.
    Asbestos is considered a serious health risk when in a dusty or powdery form, and can cause Asbestos-related diseases such as Mesothelioma.

    A coloured slate floor

    Reasons why people remove slate flooring

    • Slate flooring can be difficult to keep clean.
    • Slate flooring can be slippery when wet or in the winter.
    • Slates have a high risk of breaking over time, especially at doorways and windowsills, so they may need to be replaced.
    • The slates themselves may contain asbestos which is harmful if inhaled. Asbestos is known to cause lung cancer. So this might be reason enough to remove this flooring.
    Slate flooring being removed

    Why choose us for your project?

    At Tile Removal Newcastle, we offer the best flooring removal services in NSW. We are specialists for our clients, and we can give them the kind of support they need to keep their costs under control without compromising quality. Our slate removal experts have an excellent understanding of the process involved in removing this material from your site. That enables them to give you an accurate estimate of how much the removal will cost. If you need your slate flooring done way with, do not waste your time thinking about who to hire for the job, Tile Removal Newcastle is here to help you with our specialized services. Contact us today!

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