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Rubber Floor Tile removal, Newcastle, NSW

At Tile Removal Newcastle, we pride ourselves in being a professional tile removal business that has built up an excellent reputation over the years. We do this by providing all our customers with the highest level of service, an affordable price and no hidden costs. We specialize in removing kitchen & bathroom tiles in residential properties and offer our professional services to commercial clients. Our services include; Removal of Rubber Tiles, Cement Backed Vinyl Tile Removal, Grout Removal from Ceramic Tiles and much more.

How much does it cost to remove rubber flooring?

The cost of removing rubber flooring tiles will depend on the number of tiles present and the type of sub-floor that you are working with. So our team will need to come out and inspect the area before we can give you an accurate quote. Tile Removal Newcastle has the most competitive rates in the market and has been providing professional tile removal services to customers in Newcastle. Our company has experts who will deliver quality workmanship and remove the rubber flooring within your budget.


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    What is the process of removing rubber tiles?

    Rubber floor tiles are a popular choice because they’re easy to install and come in all sorts of colours, but what do you do when you want to remove them from your home or business? You can’t just pull up the rubber tiles – they have glue on the back that will damage any surface it touches. The best way to remove rubber flooring is with an industrial scraper machine specially designed for this purpose. At Tile Removal Newcastle, we carry the right machinery to remove rubber floor tiles from any surface. Tile removal isn’t a simple task; it requires the knowledge of an experienced professional to ensure that your surfaces are protected and a tool that is capable of removing rubber without damaging surrounding surfaces. So if you’re looking for help in removing rubber flooring tiles from your home or commercial property, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    Why choose us as your preferred rubber floor tile removers?

    Tile Removal Newcastle has a team of expert tile removers who are well trained to remove rubber flooring tiles and are within budget. We are known as the preferred company for our customers because we guarantee customer satisfaction at all times and ensure that the work is done according to your specifications. Our company has the most competitive rates in Newcastle, making us the go-to tile removal company. We have been removing tiles from homes, factories and offices for a long time, which means we are familiar with all types of flooring in different properties. Our experts can remove any kind of tiles efficiently without causing any damage to the substrate on which it is installed. We use the latest machinery and techniques to ensure we deliver the best service possible. We provide free quotations for every client who enquires about our services in Newcastle and the surrounding suburbs. We do all the work on time to create minimal inconvenience to our clients who live in busy neighbourhoods. For reasonable and affordable rates, reach out to us!

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