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At Tile Removal Services Newcastle, we are your one-stop location for any project on removing old flooring. Our goal is to help you answer all your questions on tile floor removal. When working us, you have nothing to worry about.

Tiles are one of the most innovative ways to beautify your home. But there comes a time when you may wish to make necessary changes to your home or even remove old tiles. We know that some of you like to handle things by yourself, but you may discover that this is harder than you expected.

Your Local Tile Removal Company in Newcastle

Are you in need of a local tile removal company in Newcastle? Then, you have come to the right place. Tiles Removal Newcastle has the answer to all your question and will offer you affordable floor tile removal. At our company, it is our job to help you eliminate old floor tiles with efficient tile removal tools. What’s even better is that our tile removal cost is unbeatable and one of the best offers you’ll find in the market.

All of our staff have in-depth knowledge about all the phases of floor tile removal. We also have experts who are also capable of handling wall tile removal and asbestos tile removal at reasonable prices. Our experts are effective at their job and boast the ability of dust-free tile removal. This is s skill which is only possessed by top experts in this industry. Hiring us will help you eliminate old tiles and any subfloor imperfections that may affect your new flooring.


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    Why Choosing Tile Removal Newcastle For The Job?

    No doubt hiring a tile removal service would do you a lot of good. If you are looking for a time removal service around you, there are several options for you to consider. But why should you choose Tile Removal Services Newcastle?

    To start with, we are an industry leader with years of experience. Our professionals have handled different types and scales of jobs. Due to this, you can trust us to work on any project. We understand that every project is unique and are ready to work with you to deliver precisely what you need.

    At Tiles Removal Newcastle, we hire only the best of the best to work with us. This means you can trust all of our professionals to work with you and handle their roles with expertise. They are familiar with expert tile removal techniques, and your floor will be bare in no time. We provide tile removal services in Lake Macquarie , tile removal expertise in Newcastle as well as Central Coast.

    Mia from Kotara, 2289

    “I wanted a vinyl floor tile removal done. I had planned to do it myself but felt it was too much work and couldn’t risk damage. Tiles Removal Newcastle came through for me. For a reasonable cost, my floor was bare, and I was able to retile”.

    Tile Removal Services in Newcastle

    Have you decided to do a tile removal in your home and don’t know how to go about it? Well, your best bet would be to hire a professional that knows how to give you precisely what you want. For professional tile removal services, look no further than Tiles Removal Newcastle. Our local flooring experts can help you handle any project and answer all your questions.

    At Tiles Removal Services Newcastle, we know the best techniques to give you a quick floor tile removal. We are experts at tile grout removal that was previously stuck to the subfloor. Our job is to make your subfloor ready for another flooring installation. By hiring us, you get to enjoy quick and affordable tile removal that will eliminate any imperfections on your floor. It will be a breeze to retile or install new flooring.

    Another benefit of hiring us is that we are capable of working on different types of tiles. Some examples are ceramic tile, vinyl floor tile, porcelain style, asbestos ceiling tile and so on. After removing the flooring piece by piece, we will clean up your place to remove dust, dirt and debris.

    FAQ about Tile Removal

    tilers removing floor ceramic tiles using a jackhammer with a wide chisel bit

    Can I Remove Tiles Myself?

    Installing new flooring is a lot of work, especially if you have to remove old tiles. It may sound easier to just cover up the old tiles with new ones, but there are some advantages to floor tile removal. A significant advantage is that it allows you to analyse the condition of the subfloor and detect any mould. Old-time removal will expose any faults that you need to fix before your new flooring. These faults can immediately be checked to prevent them from getting worse.

    Handling floor tile removal is a lot of work and requires a fair amount of experience to handle it yourself. You would need to purchase some tile removal tools which you don’t need. It’s also essential to get it done correctly or risk damaging the subfloor even more. When you think of everything you need for tile removal, it may be a better option to hire a professional. Yes, you can hire affordable tile removers.

    What are the benefits of hiring professionals to handle this technical and challenging task? You can always pick from several options for service providers. However, it’s vital to employ a service provider that is experienced and has the latest floor tile removal tools. This way, you can rest assured of quality service delivery.

    Tiler using a jack hammer with a chisel bit for tile removal

    What Is The Best Tool For Tile Removal?

    By now, you must have asked yourself what the best tile removal tool is. Do you think it’s the sledgehammer? A huge hammer sounds like the best way to let off some steam and smash away at those old tiles. But it’s a bad pick because it will roughen up the surface under the tile.

    A secret to tile floor removal is to find or create an edge in the installation. This edge would serve as the chink in the armour to rip off the flooring easily. It’s possible to use several simple hand tools to complete this process. The best tool for tile removal would be:

    • Pry Bar and Hammer: Tiles look pretty sturdy and unmovable. However, did you know that a tile installation fears a hammer and tough pry bar? The hammer can be a simple 16-ounce claw hammer or a 3-pound hand sledgehammer. You’ll use the hammer to break the first tile. After this, all you need to do is use the pry bar to take out the other pieces. For the best results, you would need a pry bar. It should be flat at one end and wide enough to exert pressure on the tile to rip it off.
    Person using a chisel and hammer to remove wall tiles

    What Is The Fastest Way To Remove Floor Tiles?

    There are a variety of reasons why anyone would want to change the tiles. It could be as a result of an unwanted crack or because the flooring has lost a fair amount of friction. It could also be because you want to bring something new to your home. Regardless of your reason, tile floor removal is no easy business, and you just have to get it right. So, what’s the fastest way to remove old tiles?

    The first thing to do is to analyse tile removal cost. The cost to remove old tiles depends on a variety of factors, including whether you are going to hire someone or do it yourself. If you don’t have enough money, you can shop for some tools. You should include a pry bar, hammer, chisel, scraper, shovel, buckets, etc., and get it done by yourself. The following tips are the fastest ways we know:

    • Prepare the part of the house by removing any obstructions and covering items you can’t move
    • Start from a point where the tile is non-existent has cracked or may be loose
    • Remove all old tiles
    • Inspect the subfloor
    • Clean up dust, dirt and debris
    Tiler spreading glue for a wall tile installation in a toilet
    Fresh wall tile installation with tile spacer about to be grouted
    Picture of a new ceramic floor installation.
    Picture of a half finish wall tile removal service. Some tiles are broken and the dry adhesive has been expose.

    What Is The Average Cost Of A Tile Removal Service?

    There are two options for old tile removal; DIY solutions or hire a professional. If you are hiring professionals to do the work, then you must compensate them for their services. The tile removal cost will vary depending on the size of the area to be worked on. On average, floor tile removal cost will range between $45 – $150 per hour. Your bill may increase or decrease depending on how long the entire project will take.

    How Long Does It Take To Remove Tile?

    This is the question on the mind of every homeowner who is looking to remove their old tiles. How long would the entire process last? The answer to this question depends on how you plan to go about the tile removal. If you plan to do it by yourself, the entire project may last for a whole day. However, professionals may be able to finish the job in half that time.

    Is There A Machine To Remove Ceramic Tile?

    Ceramic tile removal is no easy job, and people who want the easy way out will look to mechanical solutions. But is there a floor tile removal machine? Yes, there is a machine that speeds up the process of ceramic tile removal. This is referred to as a floor-scraping machine. These machines are designed to be powered by gas, propane, batteries, gas or air depending on their manufacturer and model. Floor-scraping machines take all the stress out of the tile removal.

    Tile removal service being take place for a bathroom renovation. There re some tools on top of a zinc shelf

    Is It Difficult To Remove The Tile?

    You have probably asked yourself how difficult it is to remove tiles. Well, the answer is relatively straightforward. Removing old tiles can be a lot of work, especially when dealing with floor tile removal. It’s also a high-risk job capable of causing a fair amount of damage to the structure. If you plan to handle removal of a tile floor by yourself, prepare for a lot of work, noise, dust and dirt.

    It’s little or no surprise that many people do not find tile removal to be an exciting task. Not everyone is cut out for this type of work, and it’s essential to know when exactly to call in the professionals. However, if you plan to handle things yourself, clear up the room before getting started.

    Tilers using chisel and hammer for a tile removal services in Newcastle city

    Can You Tile Directly On Drywall?

    A direct answer to the question would be yes. However, the fact that you can do something doesn’t always make it the right thing. Yes, you can tile over drywall, but there are some times when it is inappropriate.

    It is a great idea to tile over the drywall in parts of the house with low moisture such as the fireplace. However, locations with reasonable moisture on the wall would be the wrong choice. Examples of these locations are the walls of a shower. In this type of scenarios, it is advisable to install a cement board rather than a gypsum board.

    Person removing tiles with a hammer and chisel from a bathroom wall

    Is it OK to tile over tile?

    If you want to install new tiles in your home, the first step would probably be to rip off the old ones. Let’s say you don’t want to go through all that stress and don’t have enough money to hire a professional, what do you do? Is it okay to tile over tile?

    Yes, it is. You can install new tiles over old ones if they are in good physical condition. This means that the old tiles were installed correctly, are free from cracks, and not soaking up moisture. When you have confirmed the structural integrity of the old tiles, you can proceed to install a new floor.

    Installing tiles through this process would involve an entirely different approach, and you need to use a tough adhesive to hold it in place. Keep in mind that it is not advisable to lay heavy tiles over old tiles unless you have a concrete foundation. The weight from the new tile layer can damage the structure.

    Tiler laying ceramic floor tiles for a residential client

    Can I Retile My Shower Myself?

    Your beautiful tiles won’t last forever. There will be a time when you just have to give the bathroom a facelift and take down the old tiles. Once you get tired of cleaning the semi-permanent stain marks on your old tiles caused by dirt and dust. It may seem like a lot of work but is worth it. Here’s how you can retile a shower by yourself?

    • Get appropriate tools for floor and wall tile removal.
    • Start at the bottom corner and remove the tiles one after the other. Be careful with tiles on the walls and ceiling. A utility knife would help get them off.
    • After removing all tiles, use a chisel any remaining mortar.
    • Smoothen the wall and locate the centre of the centre
    • Retile the shower piece by piece


    “I can’t thank the experts at Tiles Removal Services Newcastle enough for the great job they did at my place. They made everything more manageable, and I had little or nothing to do”.

    “What better way to kick off the new year than to retile my entire house. I initially planned to tile over tile but discovered it wasn’t the best option at my disposal. So, I needed experts to remove the old tiles to make room for new ones. I managed to get the help I wanted from Tile Removal Newcastle”.

    “The walls and floor of my shower were starting to lose friction and appear dirty. I had read my DIY solutions online, but my tight schedule made it impossible to try them out. I needed professional help, and it came in the form of Tiles Removal Newcastle. They were flexible enough to work with my budget and schedule.”.

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    Are you looking for a tile removal expert in Newcastle? Look no further. You’ve come to the right place. We are capable of offering you high-quality old tile removal and get your place back in top condition. We are your one-stop location on everything about tile removal in Newcastle. Our job is to create custom solutions that suit your schedule and budget. Contact us today to speak with a tile removal expert and get value for your money.

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