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Our name is synonymous with what we do! We remove tiles in the Central Coast area of New South Wales, Australia! So, if you are looking for tile removal, you have landed in the right place. We carry out all kinds of tile removal services: floor tile removal, wall tile removal, roof tile removal, asbestos tile removal, and many more besides. Read on to find out more and about how we can help you in your quest for affordable tile removal services.

Your Local Tile Removal Company in the Central Coast

If you have been frantically searching for help removing tiles in the Central Coast area, then look no further! We are fast becoming the most popular tile removal company in the area. Our reviews and recommendations speak for themselves.

You will find that Tile Removal Central Coast has a vast array of tile removal experience and can carry out almost any tile removal job. Our services include:

  • ceramic tile removal
  • wall tile removal
  • tile floor removal
  • vinyl floor tile removal
  • VCT tile removal
  • porcelain tile stain removal
  • asbestos tile removal
  • asbestos roof tile removal
  • slate tile removal
  • tile removal machine hire
  • and much more besides! 

If there is a tile-related job that you need doing, contact our dedicated customer services team. They are ready and waiting to take calls about all kinds of tile removal and will guide you through your options. Our team of experts will then be deployed to carry out your tile removal job in a professional, timely and affordable way.


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    Can you Remove Tile Without Damaging Drywall?

    Ceramic tiled walls are the perfect surface for bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes due to their easy-to-clean nature. They also come in a wide range of designs, colours, and sizes, fitting into any décor preference. Over time, however, they may need replacing either due to wear and tear or simply out of choice and style.

    It is not too difficult to remove tiles from a drywall, but you will need a lot of patience. Likewise, you may need to do the odd repair to a wall if the wall has suffered a little damage. Before someone begins to remove tiles from a wall, it is best to remove the grout. Tile grout removal is what takes a lot of time. There are special tools to speed up the process that will help you to avoid damaging the wall below. Manual tools look a little like ice picks with a sharp point. There are also handheld oscillating and rotary tools. Heat guns used near seams can also help to loosen old grout.

    Removing the tiles themselves will depend on how they were attached to the wall. Tile adhesive removal is essential. For tiles fixed with tile adhesive or Thinset, using a wide putty knife can help to prise off the tiles. However, if the tools were fixed with mortar, you will most likely have to break them and scrape the mortar away from the wall.

    How do you repair walls after removing tile?

    With drywall being so delicate, after removing tiles, you may be left with divots, holes, and cracks. You will not need to replace the drywall; you must prepare and repair the wall before applying new tiles.

    Firstly, remove any adhesive that remains on the wall with a scraper. You can also get special adhesive remover too. Next, brush away the dust. Subsequently, you should use a repair drywall patch on any large areas that need attention. You can then fill any remaining cracks with joint compound. And, voilà, your surface is ready to retile!

    Why choosing Tile Removal Central Coast for the job?

    Tile Removal Central Coast is a leading tile removal company in the Central Coast area. Many people opt for DIY tile removal these days, and it often ends up in a disaster! It is imperative not to attempt DIY asbestos tile removal (so please don’t!). We come equipped with the best of wall and floor tile removal tools and the expertise to ensure that your tiles are removed professionally. As tile removal contractors, we work with both a tile removal machine and carry out multi-tool tile removal to ensure that your surface is the best it can be.

    Tile removal cost can be a worry for some. However, at Tile Removal Central Coast, we can guarantee that our tile removal price is affordable and worthwhile. Call us today for all you tile removal in Lake Macquarie.

    Many people stress over the dust. With us, we aim for dust-free tile removal, keeping your mess to a minimum. Get in touch with our dedicated customer services team today to find out how we can help you with your tile removal queries and requirements. We are ready and waiting to take your call. What are you waiting for?

    FAQ about Tile Removal

    Central Coast tile removal staff jack hammering a floor tile

    Do you Have to Replace Drywall After Removing Tiles?

    As drywall is quite delicate, it is normal to be left with divots and cracks once old tiles have been removed. You should not need to put in a new drywall, but you will need to repair and prepare the wall before you apply any new tiles. You should begin by remove excess adhesive that remains on the wall.

    To do this, you can use a putty knife, laying it flat so that you reduce any gouges in the wall itself. You can sand the whole area with a special pad for drywall sanding which will smooth everything.

    You really should spend time getting the wall ready. If there is any paper facing left loose this should be peeled off. You can skim any areas that are damaged with any kind of joint compound. Leave it to dry and sand it off when it is done to make sure it is as smooth as possible.
    It is important that you do this step and repair the wall if it shows cracks or holes. Many people simply decide to cover this with new tiles, but this compromises the integrity of the wall and of the finished tiles. In a bad case, you can use drywall mesh to help support the surface before applying the joint compound. It asks rather like a bandage, holding parts of the wall together to strengthen it.

    Once everything is dry and has been sanded, you should wipe the area down to remove as much dust as possible. You can also use a wet vac to help with this process. Remember to wear gloves, goggles, and cover any exposed skin.

    Central Coast tile removal labour stripping wall tiles

    Is It Hard to Remove Tile Backsplash?

    With removing a backsplash, you need to ensure you have the right precision, technique, and above all patience. If one of the three is lacking, you end up having to repair the drywall. You will need several tools to help you do this:

    • putty knife (the best tile removal tool!)
    • hammer
    • Stanley knife
    • hand sander (or electric sander)
    • sanding pad for drywall
    • sandpaper (120 grit)
    • joint compound for drywall

    Now you can begin! Firstly, you need to remove anything from the counter. You cannot remove the backsplash if you have your kettle on the worktop. Next, ensure you remove the outlet covers and stop the electricity to the area where the tiles will be removed for your safety.

    Using the putty knife and hammer, chisel off the tiles, trying not to damage the drywall behind. Once the tiles are removed, the adhesive behind will be semi-soft or hard. If it is hard, it is a cement base called Thinset. Thinset will need elbow grease to scrape it from the wall with a putty knife. If the adhesive is softer, it will be mastic and can be removed using the sandpaper.

    You can then fill in any gouges with the joint compound, sanding it smooth once it is dried. The whole wall should then be sanded with the 120-grit paper or the sanding pad.

    Tile removal Central Coast tradeperson stripping tile grout out

    What is the average cost of tile removal services?

    As with most things, this depends! The cost of removing tiles will vary depending on how large an area of tiles you wish to remove and the type of tiles. Most of the time, tiles are removed and for people to replace them with new tiles. As a result, many ask their tiler to remove the old tiles before installing the new ones.

    For floor tile removal cost, hourly rates can vary between $45 and $150 per hour. Usually, this cost is the same even if you are removing stone tiles rather than ceramic tiles. However, you must be mindful that this cost is not inclusive if you have asbestos floor tiles. how much does asbestos tile removal cost? Asbestos tile removal cost will be somewhere around $25 to $50 a square metre and it is important that you hire professionals to do the job.

    Tiler spreading glue for a wall tile installation in a toilet
    Fresh wall tile installation with tile spacer about to be grouted
    Picture of a new ceramic floor installation.
    Picture of a half finish wall tile removal service. Some tiles are broken and the dry adhesive has been expose.
    Wall recently stripped of half of its tiles by a Tile Removal Central Coast crew member

    How do you smooth walls after removing tile?

    It is important to smooth the walls once you have removed the tiles. To do so, scrape away remaining adhesive with your putty knife. Make sure that you hold the knife flat so that you do not make gouges in the wall. Remove any paper from the drywall.

    You must then sand the drywall with a specific drywall pad which will smooth the drywall’s surface. It may still feel a little rough but ensure that chunks bigger than a grain of sand are removed. With some premixed compound for drywalls at a thin consistency, pour it into a pan for paint roller. It should be the same consistency as pancake batter.
    Roll the compound onto the wall as evenly as you can. Whilst it is wet, smooth the compound so that it is completely smooth and flat.

    Two tile removal Central Coast staff members removing ceramic floor tiles

    How do you prepare walls for tile after removing tile?

    After following the correct way of removing previous tiles, you need to do some preparation ready for installing new tiles. You should ensure that the surface is prepared, and any divots filled in. The area should be level and free from dust or grease.

    Ensure that your wall is as level as possible. An uneven wall will prevent the adhesive from working properly. Laying a flat plank along the wall will help you to identify and uneven spaces. If there is a gap that measures over 6mm it needs to be filled or will cause you problems later.

    You need to measure the area that you are going to tile and work out the number of tiles that you will need, adding around 10% extra in case you break any. The type of adhesive you buy is also important. Professional tilers will tend to use a power solution as it is slower to dry so you can adjust the tiles and their alignment.

    Ongoing tile removing job. Floor has ceramic tiles and there is a chisel tool on the floor

    How can I replace my backsplash without removing tile?

    If you do not want to remove your ceramic tiles, there are ways that you can cover them. You can purchase decorative panels that cover them. What is more, they are easy to fit, look great, importantly, they are affordable.

    These are wall coverings without the extra work. Pretty much anyone can fit them! They add a touch of personality and exquisite design to any space. You can opt for wooden panels, bring nature into the home, panels that are imitation bricks for a New York look in the kitchen, stone panels that can be combined with flowers or plants, imitation concrete, and even 3D panels as a real showstopper of design. These panels simply fix over your existing ceramic tiles will little to no fuss! It certainly saves a lot of time and energy compared with removing tiles.

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