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Tile Removal Lake Macquarie - Expert Tile Stripping Services

Are you looking for Tile Removal services in Lake Macquarie? Renovating your house or office isn’t an easy task. What makes it further challenging is that you need to remove the existing tiles. Only then can you install the new ones. However, you need not worry about anything with our tile removal services. We, at Tile Removal Lake Macquarie, look after the entire task without causing much inconvenience. Thus, your work gets done correctly. Plus, you need not deal with any mess or trouble.

Your Local Tile Removal Company In Lake Macquarie

Wall or floor tile removal can be a hectic and messy task. Moreover, you require proper tile removal tools to complete it efficiently. If you don’t want to get into this hassle, you should opt for our professional services. We can cover everything from ceramic tile removal to tile grout removal.

A few services you can find with us are:

  • Tile Removal: Whether you have ceramic or asbestos tiles, we will remove them all with correct tools. 
  • Tile Adhesive Removal: Our experts can also help you with adhesive elimination. As we have the tile adhesive removal tool, we can complete the task within no time. 
  • Other Tasks: We can also assist you with mortar removal and subfloor preparation. This will make the new floor installation process much convenient for you. 

In short, we offer complete tile removal. The only work that will be left for you after we help is to install new tiles on the floor. We do tile removal in Central Coast too.


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    What Is The Easiest Way To Remove Tile?

    The task will be risky for you, whether it is ceramic tile removal or vinyl floor tile removal. That is why our experts suggest first protecting yourself and then beginning with the process. Once you cover your body, gather the tile removal machine and tools, follow these steps.

    Step 1: Break The Tile

    You can take a hammer to break each tile from their centre. If the tiles are on a large scale, you can opt for jackhammer tile removal. It will make the task much more convenient. Remember to protect yourself from the sharp tile edges here.

    Step 2: Chip Off Tiles

    After you put your hammer on multiple tiles, you can move to the next step. In this, you need to remove the remaining tile part with tile removal chisel. A power chisel tile removal will be more comfortable here. You will have to put the chisel on the grout part and remove the tile altogether.

    Step 3: Mortar Removal

    Tile mortar removal may or may not be necessary. You will first have to check with the kind of adhesive used in your place. If you have to do this, you can hammer the section to smash the mortar. Finally, use a scraper to get rid of these loose pieces.

    How Hard Is It To Remove Ceramic Tiles?

    The difficulty of ceramic tile removal can vary from place to place. For example, your task will be more challenging if the base installation is the mortar. But you won’t have to put in this much effort for thin-set tile installation. Plus, it would help if you used the correct ceramic tile removal tool. Using the wrong tools can also make your work difficult. You can opt for our ceramic floor tile removal services to avoid all this hassle.

    Why Choosing Tile Removal Lake Macquarie For The Job?

    If you don’t want to get into the hassle of DIY tile removal, opt for our tile removal services. We have been working in the domain for years. Therefore, we can help you complete the ceramic, vinyl, or VCT tile removal procedure. 

    A few benefits you can obtain from our tile removal hire services are:

    • Quick Service: With the correct tile removal machine and other tools, we get the work done quickly. It means you won’t have to wait longer to move further with the renovation process. 
    • Efficient Work: As stated earlier, tile removal can be a messy task. It includes a lot of dust, breaking, and several such aspects. But our experts make the work much more efficient and much less messy. 
    • Tile Removal Cost: Our wall and floor tile removal costs are kept budget-friendly for everyone. So you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on the task. 
    • All Kinds Of Removal: From ceramic to asbestos tile removal, we can do it all. Our experts opt for the best tile removal tools for the purpose. Thus, we are able to get rid of all kinds of tiles. Plus, we can take care of different mortar removal and subfloor preparation tasks as well. 

    So contact us now and book an appointment to get started!

    FAQ about Tile Removal in Lake Macquarie

    Tile removal lake Macquarie staff member chiseling out ceramic floor tiles

    Is It Difficult To Remove Tiles?

    It may seem simplistic to hammer the tiles and remove them altogether. However, the task is highly complicated, even when you use the best tool for tile removal. It isn’t just removing the tiles. You also have to take care of several other aspects. These can be:

    • Fixture Removal: Before beginning the process, you have to eliminate all fixtures. It includes everything that may create a problem with tile removal. Plus, you will have to turn all the water supply off. It will help avoid any mess while removing sinks or toilets. 
    • Starting Point Location: You also need to find a starting point for removal. It can be either an already broken tile or an exposed edge around the fixture. Locating the correct spot will make the task much more convenient for you. 
    • Post-Tile Removal: Once you complete the tile removal process, you can’t leave the floor as it is. You will have to remove any damaged underlayment, eliminate debris, and inspect the floor. This way, you can get rid of any nails or any other damaged part. 

    Now you know that tile removal isn’t a single task. You also have to take care of several factors before and after the process. 

    Removed ceramic floor tiles. The services was perform by Tile Removal Lake Macquarie

    What Tools Do I Need To Remove Tiles?

    You can make your task efficient and convenient with proper multi-tool tile removal. That is why you should first learn about all the tools for tile removal. So you will be able to pick the correct wall tile removal tool and floor tile removal tool. A few standard tools suggested by our experts are:

    Tile Grout Removal Tool

    These may include a cold chisel and a ball-peen hammer. You can also use a masonry hammer according to your preference. If the work is on a large scale, the tile removal tool will change. Then you will have to opt for tile grout removal power tools. These can be a grout saw, a rotary tool, and a vacuum. 

    Tile Removal Tool

    The next step is to remove the tiles. For this, the same hammer and chisel will come in handy. But you will also have to use a tile adhesive removal tool. A power scraper tile removal will also be helpful for lengthy jobs. 

    Mortar Removal Tool

    This task can get done with the hammer, chisel, and scraper. 

    Subfloor Preparation Tool

    If your subfloor has to be prepared, you will need some additional tools. These will be a circular saw and a pry bar. 

    Tile Removal Lake Macquarie tilers laying ceramic floor tiles

    What Is The Average Cost Of Tile Removal Services?

    The tile removal cost can depend on various factors, such as:

    • Removal Location: The floor tile removal cost will be different from wall or ceiling tile removal cost. 
    • Type Of Tile: The cost of asbestos tile removal will be different from ceramic tile removal. 
    • Area Of Removal: The area from which you wish to remove tiles will also affect the overall cost. 

    However, most tile removal services cost hourly charges. These can range anything from $45 to $150. You will have to contact our experts to know the accurate price of your task. They will analyse all factors and provide the cost to you. 

    Tiler spreading glue for a wall tile installation in a toilet
    Fresh wall tile installation with tile spacer about to be grouted
    Picture of a new ceramic floor installation.
    Picture of a half finish wall tile removal service. Some tiles are broken and the dry adhesive has been expose.
    Tile Removal Lake Macquarie labour using a jack hammer to remove tiles from a wall

    Can You Remove Ceramic Tiles Without Breaking It?

    It may or may not be feasible for you to remove ceramic tiles without breaking. If you wish to give it a try, grab ceramic floor tile removal tools and follow these steps:

    • Remove all the grout in a way not to damage any tiles. 
    • Use a chisel or a flexible putty knife to loosen up the tile. If your technique is correct, the tile will pop loose. But you have to remain careful of not breaking any other tile. 
    • Once loosened up, you can carefully pick the tile and remove it. You may need to clean it a bit before reinstalling it. 
    Tilers laying floor tiles after Tile Removal Lake Macquarie finished stripping tiles

    Is There A Machine To Remove Ceramic Tiles?

    Yes, you can find a ceramic tile removal machine in the market. It will make your ceramic floor tile removal much safer and convenient. You just have to invest a bit of time in learning how the machine works. Once you know that, you can begin with work. With this equipment, you can remove the tiles by merely moving it over the floor. So there won’t be any hammering or scraping involved. However, don’t forget to remove the broken tiles for safety purposes. Plus, you can look for ceramic tile removal machine rental options for cost-effective work. This will reduce the overall price.

    Labour from Tile Removal Lake Macquarie using a power jack hammer to remove floor tiles for a residential client

    How Do You Lay Tile Over Existing Tiles?

    Some people don’t want to remove their floor or wall tiles. That is why they opt for a layover option. Under this, they put on a new layer of tile on their existing tiles. It instantly boosts the appearance without requiring extensive time or money investment. But you should first ensure that your tiles aren’t damaged and can get a layover. After assuring this, you can move on to the process. 

    Inspection: You need to check whether your existing tiles are well laid or not before installation. If these tiles aren’t in good condition, your new structure won’t be sturdy. 

    Preparation: Next, you have to level all tiles and sand them. This will remove any glaze or elevations on the surface. Hence, the installation will become convenient. 

    Installation: Finally, you can pick your adhesive and other materials to begin the installation process. Put on the glue and fix your tiles properly on the surface. 

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