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Newcastle Tile Removal Experts - Professional Removalist

Your local tile removal experts are here to take up the job and put you at ease. We offer you the finest and most affordable tile removal services.

Tiles are the most attractive piece of your home that further accentuates its beauty, so you need to constantly keep them new and updated. That’s where you will need tile removal services. We are the one-stop solution for tile removal that you will find in Newcastle.

Your Local Tile Removal Experts In Newcastle

For years, Newcastle Tile Removal Experts have emerged as a significant tile removal solution provider. We are proud to boast our premium yet affordable tile removal services that will provide you with quality and efficiency.

Whether you want dust-free tile removal or tile stain removal, we will cover a comprehensive range of removal services that you can always trust.

We will remove all your old tiles with our cutting-edge tile removal machine to offer you complete finishing and less chaos. Our tile removal cost is also pretty impressive and will make you want to try it once. We regularly update our rates and provide great offers for our customers.

We also have experts who can handle asbestos tile removal and floor tile removal at affordable prices. The skilled and experienced team at Newcastle Tile Removal experts will ensure that you are delighted with our work.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us today to get your tiles removed with the experts in Newcastle.


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    What Is The Easiest Way To Remove Tiles?

    The easiest and affordable way to remove tiles is to use the right tools and safety equipment. Our tile removal experts will always be equipped with the following tools and equipment for all projects:


    Floor Scraper
    Paint Scraper
    Handheld Chise
    High-Quality Riggers or Leather Gloves
    Safety Glasses
    Dust Mask
    Drop Sheet

    We break the tile with a hammer and use a chisel to cut out the tile. Our experts focus on breaking multiple tiles and removing them with a floor scraper. Later we remove the underlying mortar with a hammer. It will minimize the chaos and maximize efficiency. That’s how we make the job easier and affordable.

    Is It Difficult To Remove Tiles?

    The tile removal process may seem complicated, but you can complete the task without any worry with the use of the right tools and equipment. Indeed, it is a time-consuming project, but we make it seamless with teamwork and quality tools and equipment.

    We strategize the whole project before getting onto it. Our experts will analyze the site first and create a plan to get started.

    For us, tile removal is never a difficult task as all our experts are skilled and experienced in making things seem like a cakewalk. Don’t believe our words; try our services and learn how we make complex things seem more effortless.

    What Tools Do I Need For Removing Tiles?

    It is all a matter of tools and equipment that can make your tile removing project successful. That’s why Newcastle Tile Removal Experts only use the best-in-class tools. Here are the most common tools that we use:

    Belt Sanders
    Circular Saws
    Angle Grinders
    Floor Scrapers
    Ball-Peen Hammers
    Work Gloves
    Respirators and Masks

    All these tools and equipment come in handy in removing grout, tile, and mortar and then prepare the subfloor. Our experts will always choose the best brand tools to ensure utmost efficiency in the work. The tile removal tools power the entire process and make a project successful.

    using large hand drill to remove big size tiles on the floow

    What Is The Average Tile Removal Cost?

    The cost of tiler removal depends upon different factors that need to be considered. For instance, the square area, condition of tiles, experts required, etc., will come together to find the price. In general, you need to pay an expert $25 to $50 per square meter. At Newcastle Tile Removal Experts, you can get tile removal services at affordable rates. There are different rates for floor tile, wall tile, asbestos tile, and ceramic tile removal. It would be better to reach out to the experts to find the ideal price for quality tile removal services.

    ongoing tile removing work with broken old tiles on the ground

    How Hard Is It To Remove Ceramic Tiles?

    Ceramic tiles have a stronghold on the ground. Hence you might have to incur some hard work to get the job done. First, you need to prepare the work area and find a starting point from where you can start. Now you have to separate tiles with the help of a floor scraper. Remove the adhesive and grout, which will lead to removing underlayment. Lastly, it would be best to clean up using a broom and shovel to remove the debris from the floor. It is essential to check the local disposal requirements before you start cleaning up.

    tiles removalist expert removing the whole tiles

    Can You Remove Ceramic Tiles Without Breaking Them?

    When the tiles are firmly attached to the floor, it becomes difficult to remove them without any breakage. Moreover, there is a trick through which you can remove without breaking.

    Remove the grout with a grout saw, oscillating tool, utility knife, or rotary cutter. Place the chisel in the grout line under the tile. Now tap on it with a hammer and see if it pops loose. If not, use a knife under the tile to make it lose. Once it is exposed, you can easily pull it out.

    It can be a time-consuming process, so you need to be patient while doing it. At first, you may break a few, but gradually, you will get it.

    Is There A Machine To Remove Ceramic Tiles?

    Yes, there is a machine for ceramic tile removal. But it would help if you got to familiarize yourself with it and understand all its features. Make sure that you set the machine in the proper configuration to make the most of it.

    using hammer and chisel to remove old tiles

    How Do You Lay Tiles Over Existing Tiles?

    When your existing ties are old, you can add a new tile over them. For this, you need to clear the surface, scratch out the grim and make sure that the surface is not rough. Once everything is clean, you can glue the new tile over the existing one.

    rTile Removal Services emoving firmly attached tiles on the wall

    Why Choosing Newcastle Tile Removal Experts For The Job?

    We are your local tile removal experts who can take up any project without any difficulty. Newcastle Tile Removal Experts are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment that ensure quality work. We are highly punctual about our deadlines, so you will always get your job done on time when it comes to the budget. You will hardly find any affordable tile removal service providers in the market. Our professionals have taken up projects of different sizes that make them the expert in the field.

    If you are looking for tile removal services in Newcastle, you know where to find us.


    “I can’t thank the experts at Tiles Removal Services Newcastle enough for the great job they did at my place. They made everything more manageable, and I had little or nothing to do”.

    “What better way to kick off the new year than to retile my entire house. I initially planned to tile over tile but discovered it wasn’t the best option at my disposal. So, I needed experts to remove the old tiles to make room for new ones. I managed to get the help I wanted from Tile Removal Newcastle”.

    “The walls and floor of my shower were starting to lose friction and appear dirty. I had read my DIY solutions online, but my tight schedule made it impossible to try them out. I needed professional help, and it came in the form of Tiles Removal Newcastle. They were flexible enough to work with my budget and schedule.”.

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