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Fort Scratchley

About Fort Scratchley

Escape to Fort Scratchley, a historic coastal defence turned must-see museum in Newcastle East, Australia. Discover the fascinating story of its 1882 construction as a protective measure against any foreign threat, including a hypothetical Russian attack. Experience a rare glimpse into the tumultuous past as you stand where guns were finally fired in defence against enemy shelling on June 8, 1942. Explore the grounds and learn about the site’s pivotal role in shaping Australia’s wartime history before it was abandoned by the military in 1972.

Perched atop Flagstaff Hill with sweeping views of the Tasman Sea and Hunter River lies Fort Scratchley, a fortress rich in history and breathtaking vistas. Just a stone’s throw away from Newcastle’s bustling central business district and nestled between two stunning beaches, Nobbys and Newcastle, this former coastal defence structure stands guard over the Hunter River estuary from its commanding position. Follow the winding road up Nobbys Road to discover a hidden gem that tells the tale of a bygone era, one of bravery, resilience, and fortitude.


What to do at Fort Scratchley

Discover the rich military history of Newcastle by visiting Fort Scratchley – a breathtaking installation built in the late 1880s overlooking the sea. Although originally designed to defend against a possible Russian attack, Fort Scratchley played a vital role in World War II when it became the only coastal fortification to fire back at an enemy naval vessel. Today, the underground tunnels of the fort have been transformed into a fascinating museum which is one of Newcastle’s must-see attractions. Get ready to explore the history and discover the secrets of Fort Scratchley, an experience that visitors of all ages won’t forget!

Explore the secret tunnels of Fort Scratchley with a knowledgeable volunteer guide and discover the fascinating history of this impressive headland fortress. Imagine soldiers shouting into speaking tubes to receive gunpowder and see the intricate brass and copper lanterns illuminating the dark tunnels. Learn about the fort’s namesake and its disappearing gun, as well as the emergency escape routes and air vents. Join a tour any day except Tuesday and discover the hidden depths of this historic landmark.

Fort Scratchley

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