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Newcastle Memorial Walk

About Newcastle Memorial Walk

Step into the Newcastle Memorial Walk, and you’ll journey through 100 years of history. This stunning walkway was created to pay tribute to the brave Australian soldiers who fought in World War I, as well as the birthplace of steel in Newcastle. To mark the ANZAC landing in Gallipoli, 64 tonnes of stainless steel were used to construct the walkway, creating a magnificent structure that stands tall and proud. Step by step, you’ll be taken back to a time when bravery, courage, and sacrifice were the hallmarks of our nation. It’s more than just a walk. It’s a journey into the heart of Australian history.

Soak in the stunning views of the Newcastle coastline and honour the bravery of those who made the ultimate sacrifice with a visit to the soul-stirring Memorial Walk. Spanning the Strzelecki Headland between Bar Beach and King Edward Park, this picturesque path is much more than a mere walk. It’s a moving tribute to the countless heroes who gave their all. Join the city’s residents in commemorating their legacy and take a journey through the beauty and poignant history of Newcastle’s Memorial Walk.

Memorial walk

What to do at Newcastle Memorial Walk

Explore Newcastle’s Memorial Walk, a breathtaking tribute to the valiant men and women who enlisted to serve during World War I. Along the 160-meter-long bridge, admire the steel silhouettes of soldiers and discover the names of almost 11,000 Hunter Valley heroes. The walk leads to Strzelecki Lookout, offering stunning views of the city.

But that’s not all! The stairway connecting the memorial walk to Bathers Way is the second section, providing a six-kilometre coastal walk from Nobbys Beach down to Merewether Beach. With panoramic views of the coast and cliffs, this memorial walk is one of Newcastle’s most noteworthy recent developments.

All visitors are welcome to discover the memorial walk at any hour, as lights illuminate the path in the evening. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to appreciate the courage and sacrifice of those who served their country.

Newcastle Memorial Walk

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